Hey, I’m Lindsey! I’m a passionate web designer and enthusiastic business coach with 20 years of experience, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build their dream digital presence and achieve their goals! Scroll down to discover my journey from a young military wife learning graphic design on a hand-me-down computer, to founding successful businesses, and ultimately returning to my true passion of crafting custom websites that blend fun, function, and effectiveness.

My.1 S3tory3

It’s funny how quickly time appears to have gone by when looking back. In my mind, I’m still 17, driving down backroads in my Honda Civic, music blasting as loud as the tiny speakers can handle, and singing every song on my latest burnt CD at the top of my lungs.

In reality, I’m now a 39-year-old mom of two little girls and have been designing websites and graphics for 19 years. It’s amazing how life has unfolded, and how the creativity of my subconscious has shaped my journey.

I never knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, beyond a wife and mom. Family has always been the most important thing to me. I married my husband at 20, and he deployed to Iraq for 12 months that November. With Yahoo Messenger as our main form of communication and no computer of my own, my husband shipped one to me, pre-installed with Paint Shop Pro. That’s where my love for graphic design began, a creative outlet that helped distract me from the news while waiting to hear from him.

In addition to graphic design, I started a Blogger blog to keep family updated on Matt’s deployment. The limited template options pushed me to learn the basics of web design through trial and error. Around the same time, MySpace became popular, and I used my new HTML and CSS skills to create custom layouts, eventually starting my first website, ColorArmy.com, to share my designs.

Hours spent at the computer allowed me to dive deep into web design. I switched from Blogger to WordPress and launched my first public blog, MomAndWife.com. Custom design work followed, first for family and friends, and then for strangers on the internet, leading to the birth of Pretty Darn Cute Design.

As the demand for feminine website templates grew, so did my business. I began designing WordPress Themes that people could purchase, install, and customize. Running Pretty Darn Cute Design was a thrilling and rewarding experience, but eventually, I missed the one-on-one client interactions and custom projects. So, I made the difficult decision to sell the business after 15 years of hard work, sleepless nights, and countless memories.

In 2019, I pursued a long-time dream and launched Playful Paper Company, focusing on stationery. However, the onset of COVID-19 in 2020 forced me to halt production. This period led to a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and ultimately, a divorce after 17 years of unhappiness. Completing the 75 Hard challenge built my mental fortitude, which continues to ground me every day.

Today, I’m back to creating custom websites for entrepreneurs, passionately focusing on their brands and stories. My goal is to blend fun, functionality, and effectiveness into every design, helping clients create their ideal digital homes. I would love to work with you.

xo lindsey

Companies I’ve Owned Over the Years


WordPress Themes & Custom Design

Pretty Darn Cute Design was my digital baby for 17 years before I sold it. Currently there are still over 220k websites using the themes I created, in addition to the countless custom websites I designed over the years. PDCD will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I’ll always use “that bow” throughout my personal websites.


Playful Paper Stationery Co.

Playful Paper is my lifelong dream of owning a super fun paper company come to fruition. When 2020 happened, production was halted, but will continue in the near future.



In 2021, I created HeyLinz.com, my personal blog rebranded as I’d grown so much in my personal life it felt necessary to start anew. Life has been so busy, I’ve yet to really take this where I want it to go quite yet, but getting all of the old recipes and posts from ColorArmy and MomAndWife up are priority. You’ll definitely want to try these insanely good green beans. 😉

MomAndWife.com Lindsey Riel



As a new, young mother I had the desire to share all of the “you’re not alone” stories on my blog with the mission of helping other Mamas not feel like they’re on an island as they care for little ones. Blogging had yet to really take off, and it was so fun to share authentically in this space.



My first digital child of sorts, ColorArmy was actually a MySpace Layout site that eventually progressed into a personal blog complete with our family favorite recipes. I met people through this website that I remain friends with today and will always look back on this time with such a happy heart and fond memories.