June 16, 2024

Google Workspace Emails Will No Longer Sync With Apple Mail

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Keep Growin’

Hold every thought captive and let it go

Is this helping me or hurting me? Let it go.

The next time you have a repetitive negative thought, stop and ask yourself this question: Is this helping me or hurting me? Then – Let it go. Whatever it is you’re allowing to occupy your mind and continue to cause harm? Let. it. go. Most of us don’t even recognize we’ve allowed something to take…
Enhance Your Social Media Posts Instantly with This Free Lightroom Preset

Enhance Social Media Posts with My Free Lightroom Preset

I’ll show you how to enhance social media posts with my free lightroom preset in just a few simple steps. In today’s visually-driven world, making your social media posts stand out is crucial. A professional and aesthetically pleasing feed can attract more followers, increase engagement, and effectively promote your brand. The good news? You don’t…